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Data Science Projects

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People Analtics Made Simple #HR2020 New

July 25, 2020

According to HBR Analytics among top executives, 15% said they use “predictive analytics based on HR data and data from other sources within or outside the organization,” while 48% predicted they would be doing so in two years. yet a global study by Tata Consultancy Services showed that only 5% of big-data investments were in human resources.

Bill Gates: Speedup to Recruitment success

July 20, 2020

Of all tech companies in the world, Microsoft reigns as the one with the highest market cap at over $1 trillion. It has grown to that dominance by knowing how to adapt already-existing technologies into highly marketable products. For Microsoft recruitment is a constantly changing and dynamic process, but what can be said for sure intergrity,intelligence and energy are the key pillars to their success story.

GSpreadsheet:Beyond Hacks #Part2 New

July 23, 2020

As Part 2 of the previous #Hack-it GSpreadsheets, we will go through the hacks you implement right away,SQL inspired queries to slice & dice your data, data scrapping and more..Let’s dive into the formulas and hacks that’ll make your life easier, help you find out exactly what you need and shave hours off your workload.

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