Employee Performance: Model & Analysis

July 20, 2020

A company’s workforce is one of the great advantages a business can have. The people of an organization are the ones who get the work done and help businesses accomplish missions and objectives. As such, employee evaluations can let managers gauge how well employees are developing their professional potential and contributing to significant organizational achievements.

In the spirit of Kaggle, let us therefore turn to our analytics capabilities and see how employee performance correlates with variables such Employee Satisfaction, Trainings, Salary etc. on this synthetically generated IBM dataset


Employee Performance

Model & Analysis

Our goal is to inspire & improve different employee performance strategies on targeted employees. Overall, the implementation of this model will influence managemement towards effective employee performance procedures.

What It took:

  • Languages: Python, HTML
  • Libraries: Scipy, Pandas, Numpy, Seaborn, Scikit-learn, Pyplot
  • Data: IBM Sample 2017

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