Jeff Bezos way on Hiring #Leaders

Jeff Bezos Recruitment Mindset

With more than 750,000 employees, Amazon has become the second-largest employer in the U.S. and was in the top five companies to work for in 2019, according to Linkedin.

“It would be impossible to produce results in an environment as dynamic as the Internet without extraordinary people… Setting the bar high in our approach to hiring has been, and will continue to be, the single most important element of’s success” - Jeff Bezos,1998

Even from the first steps of the tech giant Amazon, Bezos had a clear mind when it comes to hiring the talent. As he mentions, better to not hire anyone but to hire the wrong person for the role. Since then, he tasked his hiring managers to get people on board based on three critical measures.

He doesn’t care about an efficient hiring process

However, Bezos. doesn’t believe in making a hire, simply for the sake of filling an open role. A Fast Company profile revealed that he once told a colleague, “I’d rather interview 50 people and not hire anyone than hire the wrong person.”

#1. Will you admire this person?

He wanted hiring managers to admire the people they were bringing on to their teams, not just the other way around.

  • Could this person be an example to other and who others could learn from

From this criterion alone, the standard for hiring is kept sky high.

#2. Will this person raise the productivity levels of the team?

Bezos wants hiring managers to find people who elevate the production of the people around them.

  • Work is most often a collaborative effort so it’s important employees come together to work toward common goals.

“Setting the bar high in our approach to hiring has been, and will continue to be, the single most important element of’s success,” Jeff Bezos

#3. Along which dimensions can this person excel?

It seems that Bezos wants talented people in the organization to grow, develop and position themselves in a way that will have the greatest impact on the company. Some candidates are better suited for a role different than the one they applied for and will benefit the company in other ways.

#4. The Google Team Model applied

The great tech giants seem to follow along each other especially when it comes to the hiring process. As for the case of Google, successful hiring is a team effort. Multiple people should interview candidates so the decision-maker has a variety of perspectives and opinions to consider.

After final interviews, each member of the hiring team would meet in a room to share their perspectives on a candidate. After the discussion, a vote would take place and the results would have to be all positive. Even one extra negative thought takes to get the hiring team back to the “drawing” table.

#5. The Key Interview Qs

Based on data from Glassdoor the tech giant goes through the following pillars during the Screening process.

The given set of questions although they do not have clear answers, they provide important insights on the candidate's mindset on Customer-Centric,Persistence, Perception, Logic & Out-of the box thinking:

  • Who was your most difficult customer?
  • What is the worst mistake you ever made?
  • What is the angle between the hour hand and minute hand in an analog clock?
  • How would you improve Amazon's website?
  • How would you tell a customer what Wi-Fi is?